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Do our drain valves seem too good to be true?

Read through these frequently asked questions and we hope that the answers will address any doubts you may have.

Our drain valves are tough enough for
Caterpillar and may be used on other vehicles.




7,000,000 sales world-wide





   Drain hole on bottom of sump



   Drain hole on side of sump

Is my drain valve going to leak?

No. The ball valve design is the same as used in pressurized gas applications. Every valve is constructed to exacting specifications and each valve is pneumatically pressure tested before it leaves the factory. The Fumoto engine oil drain valve has also been tested and granted ‘Genuine Part’ status by six major motor vehicle manufacturers* in Japan. These approvals were not granted easily and gaining them was a testimony to the quality and durability of the product.  These drain valves are fitted as standard equipment to some Caterpillar engines and Ford Freightliner trucks where reliability and ease of servicing are essential requirements.

Even though oil is under pressure when it is being pumped around the engine, it is not under any significant pressure when it is in the sump of the engine. The drain valves are therefore reassuringly over-engineered with a rating of 11 Bar (150 psi) but have been tested to 70 Bar (1000 psi) without problem.

*Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Isuzu, Mitsubishi and Subaru.


Will my drain valve open accidentally while I'm driving?

No. The valve's simple but effective locking system requires two distinct actions to open it and its heavy-duty construction will withstand any engine vibration. When using under conditions where your vehicle may tangle with crops or undergrowth we recommend the use of an optional safety clip but this is not required for normal driving activities. The product has been established for over twenty years and has a proven track record for safety, durability and reliability.


Will my drain valve reduce ground clearance?

The valves are about 10mm longer than a standard sump plug. For many engines the oil drain hole is on the side of the sump and so the extra length has no effect on ground clearance. If the sump plug goes in to the bottom surface of the sump pan, the valve will protrude. In many cases even this will not affect ground clearance as suspension, cross-members and aerodynamic spoilers may be lower.  You may need to check the clearance between the sump and the undertray if fitted.

If your vehicle has low ground clearance and the drain plug points downward, we recommend that you do not fit a nipple type valve as they are 17mm longer than the standard valves.


Will my drain valve protrude into the interior of the oil pan and prevent
full drainage of my oil?

The thread on the drain valves are a similar length to the sump plugs they replace. The oil drain plug hole is always reinforced to accept the threaded bolt of the sump plug. Your drain valve will not protrude beyond this portion of the drain hole; it will allow all the oil to be properly drained.


How long will my drain valve last?

The oil drain valves are constructed from corrosion-resistant brass and stainless steel. To gain the approval of motor manufacturers they were subjected to temperatures as low as -40°C. They endured 336 hours of salt spray and thousands of opening and closing operations and still worked perfectly. You can confidently expect your drain valve to outlast your vehicle.

Although there are a number of different threads sizes, there is a fair chance that you could transfer your drain valve to your next vehicle although we would prefer you to buy another one!


Is the nipple detachable?

The nipple on the nipple version of the drain valve is an integral part of the valve and will not come lose but neither can it be detached.


If I live outside the EU do I have to pay VAT?

We always try to provide our customers with the best possible value for money and no-one likes paying unnecessary tax. However, in order to prove to Customs and Excise that the item has been shipped to outside the EU, additional documents are necessary. Getting these documents requires a freight company rather than using the usual postal service. For small quantities, the saving in VAT would be more than offset by the increased shipping cost.

As a result for small orders (e.g. less than 10 valves) paying the VAT is usually the cheaper option.

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