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What a Fumoto drain valve can do for you

We understand that most people love to hate their sump plug and, until now have never considered that an alternative, more user-friendly solution is available. 

The Fumoto drain valve fulfils this function and provides a solution to eliminate the stress and mess of a traditional engine oil change.




Nobody wants to spend longer than they need to servicing a car


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What are the main benefits of the engine oil drain valve?

With the Fumoto engine oil drain valve you can change your engine oil following a simple sequence that is cleaner, quicker and easier than traditional methods.

Fitting the valve is simplicity itself as it screws in place of the traditional sump plug.  Once fitted, it remains in place on your vehicle so a frozen drain plug, replacement washers and stripped threads are eliminated forever.  What’s more, the one-touch operation of the valve prevents wasted time fumbling to release awkward sump plugs; in fact it requires no tools for day-to-day operation which ultimately means a much faster and easier oil change each and every time.

The traditional risk of scalding when draining oil is also reduced as hot oil can drain without coming into contact with your skin, so you won’t need to get messy hands or clothes. 

The valves are also designed to provide a controllable, steady flow of oil which means you can choose how and where the oil drains to reduce mess even further.  The valves come in a choice of fittings:  opt for a nipple design and you can drain your oil via piping directly into your waste receptacle.

When it comes to refilling your engine with oil, you can easily drain off any excess if you accidentally overfill.  Never again will you need to correct the error by draining the whole engine or starting the process again.

By fitting a Fumoto engine oil drain valve, you will spend less time under your vehicle, reduce the risk of creating a messy driveway or floor and, ultimately, save on workshop time and expense.


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