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We are striving continually to provide the best purchasing experience that we can. Your input is valuable to us in improving our service.

Customers providing feedback will be entered in our prize draw*. Once we have 50 names, we will draw a winner. The prize will be a refund of the price you paid for your valve. Winners will be notified by email so please ensure that your email address is correct.

*Terms and Conditions: There will be one winner per draw. Only one entry is allowed per purchase. Where more than one valve was purchased, we will refund the lower value.

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If you answered 'No' to any of the above questions or have any other comments, please give details below so that we can try to improve our service.

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   Kai = change         Zen = good

   Kaizen = continual improvement

The Kaizen principle underpins the Japanese manufacturing industry where every employee has a responsibility to suggest, implement and measure changes which improve product or service quality.  Your feedback helps us in the Check part of this improvement cycle.


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