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Proven Quick Valve™ adapts to deliver your classic car demands

Classic car enthusiasts have cause for celebration as Quick Valve UK announces an enhancement to their range of oil drain valves.

The company is proud to announce the launch of its series of BSP, UNC and UNF thread adapters. This means their valves are now suitable for fitting to such 1960-70s classics as the BMC Mini, MG, Jaguar, Land Rover and Triumph marques, amongst others.

The move came in response to feedback received from customers visiting their trade stand at the Beaulieu Autojumble this year.

Quick Valve UK Ltd is the sole European after-market valve distributor of the Fumoto oil drain valve. The Quick Valve™ simply replaces the standard sump plug and allows for a cleaner, quicker and easier oil change and is now available in sizes to fit most classic cars.

Fitting one of the valves to the vehicle is easy as Technical Director, Richard Griffiths, explains: “The valve screws in place of the traditional sump plug. It then takes the struggle and mess out of changing your engine oil as, unlike a sump plug which is removed every oil change, the valve stays in place to simplify servicing; you don’t even need to use any tools. Simply follow a four-step process of: unlocking the retaining lever; rotating the lever; allowing the oil to drain; closing the lever. It’s as easy as that.”

No mess, no hassle and no tools are required. Less workshop time means a serviced vehicle can return to the road much quicker, eliminating the traditional hassles associated with messy oil changes and stripped sump threads.

Managing Director, Mark O’Hanlon, explains: “The oil drain valves are the patented design of Fumoto Engineering of Japan; over 7 million valves have been sold worldwide. They are suitable for being fitted to most vehicles and the valves even have the proud distinction of having been granted ‘genuine part’ status by leading car manufacturers Mitsubishi, Mazda, Isuzu, Toyota, Subaru and Nissan. This is a huge testimony to the reliability and durability of the product.”

The Quick Valve™ provides a practical solution to a longstanding problem and can be purchased from Quick Valve UK Ltd, a mail order company based in the UK, from as little as £19.97 from the company’s website:

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        Quick Valve UK Ltd supplying Fumoto oil drain valves to Europe
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