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PRESS PACK SHEET 1 – Quick Company Facts

Who are Quick Valve UK Ltd?

Quick Valve UK Ltd are a mail order company based in the UK who specialise in the sale and distribution of the Fumoto engine oil drain valve; they are the sole authorized distributor of the product to the after-sales automotive and truck markets across Europe.

Which market is the product aimed at?

The drain valve product has universal appeal for anyone who services vehicle engines as part of the after-sales automotive and truck markets across Europe: cars, motorbikes, vans, trucks, tractors and buses. This also includes (but not exclusively) DIY mechanics, motor sport participants and fleet owners; basically anyone who will see a tangible time or cost benefit from experiencing a cleaner, quicker and easier engine oil change.

How is the company connected to Motor Sport?

The Directors at Quick Valve UK Ltd share a keen personal interest in Motor Sport and enjoy the ability to mix business with pleasure in this field. They are proud sponsors of Class A2 (Road-going series production cars over 2,000cc) in the 2010 Midland Hill Climb Championship.

How can I contact the Company for more information?

As a mail order enterprise, the company’s sales 'front door' is their website: One of the team is always ready to receive your feedback and enquiries which can initially be sent via e-mail to  or by writing to the company's registered office address shown below.  

78a Windmill Road, Mortimer, Berkshire, RG7 3RL


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        Quick Valve UK Ltd supplying Fumoto oil drain valves to Europe
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